• “Saaday Nal Vair, Ty Sidhy Fair” Printed Deadpool T-shirt  1,984

    In our opinion, Deadpool is the funniest superhero that ever existed. “So dark, are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”. There’s no doubt that you want a Red Deadpool t-shirt in your wardrobe. We present a witty fusion of Hollywood and Desi Comics “Saaday Nal Vair, Ty Sidhy Fair” printed T-shirt to make your day (and all the days after). This funky, funny, finest T-shirt from our #LegoMarch collection is just what you need to stand out among your siblings and friends.

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    The Joker T Shirt Pakistan
    Buy Your Joker T Shirt In Pakistan – BenQTees  1,899

    Joker has become a symbol of wickedness and defiance since the release of The Dark Knight. We love that symbol to wear on t-shirts. Now you can adapt defiance and wickedness and buy the original Joker T-Shirt in Pakistan. Place your order now to get it at a discount.


  • Captain America T Shirt  1,492

    This Captain America T shirt is a bundle of joy for Captain America Fan.IT is made of pure cotton and comes with a Captain America with his shield.


  • Captain America T Shirt | Marvel T Shirt  1,492

    This Captain America T Shirt is a bundle of joy for Captain America fans. Whether you love only Captain America, or whole Marvel Universe, you will love this clothing masterpiece. It is made of pure cotton and comes with a Captain America with his shield.

  • Conner Kent Superboy T Shirt for Men  1,599

    Conner Kent’s Superboy t-shirt is one of a kind and we love the design from comics and other media. Now you can buy it to have it delivered to your doorstep.

  • Lego Batman Urdu Printed T-Shirt – Nazar Teri Gandi  1,984

    Urdu Printed Batman T-Shirt that crossovers with Aurat March event. Batman expresses some dark humor on his placard on this superhero shirt.

  • Spider Man T Shirt  1,499

    Looking for a spidey tee? You’re on the right page. This Spiderman t shirt is cool and comfy. It is perfect for styling for a party, or just a day out with your friends.

  • Spiderman Printed T-Shirt – “Lo Latak Gaya Sahi Se”  1,984

    Do you like to be the coolest guy in the room filled with your friends? The person that always comes wearing someone didn’t even think of? Well, Spiderman Printed T-Shirt from our #LegoMarch Collection will help you achieve just that. This Spiderman Printed T-Shirt comes with the Slogan “Lo Latak Gaya Sahi Se” which is one of the coolest fusions between Hollywood and Desi Comics, a series of comical art introduced by BenQTees.

  • Urdu Printed Lego The Flash T Shirt “Aao Mil Kar Bijli Banayen”  1,984

    This Urdu Printed The Flash T-Shirt is one of our exclusive Lego March Collection, an idea stirred up in 2018 that combines a famous slogan with Lego Superheroes. Initially presented as digital art, it gradually turned into our startup, your favorite brand selling Superhero Tees known as BenQTees.

  • Urdu Printed Superman T Shirt – Apni Dunia Khud Bacha Lo  1,984

    Superman is believed to be the first Superhero we were ever introduced to. We all want some Superman Tees. A Superman T-Shirt Man Of Steel especially when he is in a Bad Mood (Injustice Superiority), What could be better? This Lego Superman “Apni Dunia Khud Bacha Lo” T-Shirt is another one of our coolest ideas from the #LegoMarch collection.

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