Our Story

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to become an artist. The social monsoon of South Asia are not quite nourishing to artistic tendencies. I did some doodles online and shared some witty ideas on social media but that did not feel rewarding. I just didn’t feel a sense of purpose and direction. One day, I had an idea and gathered my legos, handed them some banners from a famous movement, and took those photographs. I repeated the same practice next year with a little better version of those photos. That somehow was combined with my experience in IT, Graphic Design, and E-commerce, and I turned those ideas into T-Shirts. I talked to one of my friends who was a successful graphic designing artist, Maryam B. and she helped me design the first batch of tees. She put my ideas and photographs into coral and designed these products.

It was just the beginning of combining art and fashion and coming up with something great. Today, we are BenQTees, offering the wittiest and most unique t-shirt art to the nation, and beyond.

We love to do witty, and we love witty people. Together, we hope for a wittier world. Join us in the cause and let’s celebrate our brain’s finest quality!


6th Forrest Ray,
Manhattan NYC 10001, USA


Phone: (+01)-800-3456-88



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